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Exhibit MUNDLOS ORIGINAL-VICTORIA zigzag sewing machine
Category Trades
The company "Mundlos & Schulz" was founded in Magdeburg in 1863. Initially, the company's machines were based on the "Singer" or "HOWE" principle. In 1882, the company launched its first own sewing machine - "Victoria-Bogenlangschiff-Maschine" (Original Victoria).
What followed was a series of further technical inventions: the model "Ringschiffmaschine" in 1901, the model "Schnellläufer" in 1910, innovative developments for fabric feed in upper and lower position, as well as retractable machines in 1911, central bobbin hook with fabric feed in upper and lower position and link take up, central needle bar with a stand made of wood and cast iron, semi-automatic eyelet embroided machines in 1913 and button hole sewing machines in 1914. In 1925, the first high-speed zigzag sewing machine was introduced and widely used in private households.

This picture shows a multi-pupose zigzag sewing machine from Mundlos AG Magdeburg.
Year of manufacture probably around 1931
Manufacturer: Fa. Mundlos AG Magdeburg
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