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Steam hammer
Manufacturer Beche
Year of manufacture 1891

Until 1989, this steam hammer could be found in the forge of the heavy machinery combine "Schwermaschinenkombinat Ernst Thälmann" (SKET). In 1991, the steam hammer became subject to a preservation order. It is a double-column steam hammer with a total mass of about 35 tons and a ram weight of 4 tons and is used for shaping large forgings. The ram is directly connected to the steam piston via rod and is steam pressure controlled. Steam was supplied through pipes which no longer exist. The steam hammer was subsequently modified; therefore its present condition does not correspond to its original form. The construction type of the shown steam hammer is called "Portalhammer", which means that it rests on two columns, in addition to this, there also existed single-column hammers.

SKET Schwermaschinenbau GmbH, Magdeburg