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Junkers twin-piston diesel aircraft engine "Jumo" 205 C
Manufacturer Lizenzbau Mitteldeutsche Motorenwerke GmbH, Leipzig
Year of manufacture 1938

The Junkers twin-piston diesel engine uses a two-stroke cycle with air charge, i.e. a blower forces the combustion air into the cylinders.
In each of the six cylinders, there are two opposed pistons, transmitting their power to two crankshafts. The "Jumo" was the only diesel aircraft engine that has proved its worth over many years. The two opposed piston engines guarantee smooth, vibration-free running. The diesel engine’s heavier weight is a disadvantage compared to a gasoline engine. However, in terms of long-haul flights its fuel consumption of less than 35% is a particular benefit. Thus, it was possible to complete the first nonstop transatlantic flights from Europe to America with seaplanes, equipped with Junkers twin-piston diesel engines.
Used in aircraft like Ju 52, Dornier-Wal, DoX and others
power 550 kW/750 hp at 2.200 rpm; airscrew 1.594 rpm