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The Magdeburg engine builder, Hans Grade, who successfully conducted the first German motor-flight in 1908 on the "Cracauer Anger" in Magdeburg, became very famous. Highlights of the museum's collection are the résumé of Hans Grade, a replica of his legendary triplane and an aircraft made of original parts which corresponds to the "Libelle" (dragonfly) - the aircraft with which he won the "Lanz-Preis der Lüfte" (Lanz-prize of the air) in 1909. Another important exhibit is the "Magdeburger Pilotenrakete" (Magdeburg Piloted Rocket) from 1934 which presents a milestone in the history of manned space flight. Junkers aircraft engines, the Jumo 004 turbojet engine and the history of the Junkers works in Magdeburg from 1913 to 1945 complete the aeronautics collection. Further sub-sections deal with the development of the first axial turbojet engine from 1936 to 1939 - the "Magdeburger Rückstoßturbine" (Magdeburg reaction turbine) RTO, the development of turbojet engines in Central Germany, as well as the first German turbojet-powered passenger aircraft "Baade-152".
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