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The museum's library currently comprises a collection of around 9000 items including books, trade journals and encyclopedias. The library is divided into the following sections:

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Specialized Library
Here you can find literature from the following fields of interest:
_Architecture and history of architecture
_Construction engineering
_Coal mining
_Electrical engineering
_Company history
_Cultural history
_Industrial and economic history
_Mechanical engineering
_Textbooks of various fields

Furthermore, you can find the following from different fields of specialization:
_Address books
_Encyclopedias from various years

We present you a collection of about 150 trade journals from various years, including the following:
_"DI-Zeitschrift" starting from 1898
_"Zuckerindustrie" (sugar industry) starting from 1894
_"Stahl und Eisen" (steel and iron) starting from 1913