Guided tours
Offers for school classes and groups of children
Our offers for:
All age groups
Guided tour by a member of the Museum of Technology.
The tour includes a presentation of the most important exhibits and demonstration of some samples in operation.
_Duration approx. 60 minutes

Coloring pictures or painting a museum's exhibit. The best paintings are displayed at the museum.

Children between 4 and 12 years
After the guided tour, children can create a souvenir e.g. a painting or any other small handicraft and - of course - take it home.
_Duration 3060 minutes

School classes
For school classes we offer several options to explore the Museum of Technology:

Guided tour by member of museum

Guided tour by a teacher:
We offer a prepared route for download: Download Route

Independent exploration of selected exhibits based on work sheets:
We offer several work sheets of different level of difficulty for download. The teachers should decide which conform best to knowledge of the students. For the worksheets 1 to 5 you can ask for solution sheets at the entrance. In particular cases it is possible that an object is not available in the exhibition due to repair or maintenance.
Download Work Sheet 1
Download Work Sheet 2
Download Work Sheet 3
Download Work Sheet 4
Download Work Sheet 5 (PDF: Concept Industrialization)

Additional concepts for teachers:
Download profession orientation
Download Museum of technology as a place for out-of-school education
Organizational issues
We ask you to register at least three days in advance. Please also quote the children's age and the group size. (max. 15 people)

Children, schoolchildren until 6th grade free admission
Schoolchildren starting from 7th grade 1.50 Euro each

Guided tours 15.00 Euro per group (max. 20 people)

(Additional) activities and self-made souvenirs are free of charge.

Since the exhibition hall is not heated, visitors should wear warm clothing.
By examining our technical exhibits, clothes may get dirty.

We cannot provide any catering.
Hot and cold drinks as well as soups are available from a vending machine.