Sponsorshops by students
What is it about?
The Museum of Technology offers school classes to "sponsor" single exhibits in coordination with their subject teacher.

How does it work?
The sponsorship concept is best explained at the example of the "Lokomobile" manufactured by the machinery works "Maschinenfabrik Wolf" from Buckau, Magdeburg.

Within the sponsorship program, the students can have a closer look at the exhibit and study it extensively,
_discover more about the machine's history,
_study how it works,
_answer questions, like e.g. what the exhibit was used for, what performance was achieved and how much it cost,
_get to know the historical development of its manufacturing company,
_might talk to historical witnesses in order to find out who knows the item and who worked with it,
_understand the technical development in connection with the historical era,
_help maintaining the item
_and so on...
The sponsorship program helps to promote independent learning of children and teenagers. They will have to approach other people, ask specific questions and research in archives.
The result of their work can be presented in form of a documentary which can also help the museum to improve its exhibition.
However, the most important aspect of this program is to introduce children and teenagers to technology and familiarizing them with the industrial heritage of the region.