Museum of TechnologyMagdeburg
The museum was formerly run by the city of Magdeburg, but was taken over by the association "Kuratorium Industriekultur in der Region Magdeburg e.V." on June 2, 2006 in order to prevent it from closing and to keep it going. Since then, a new concept is gradually put into practice and new items and interesting presentations have been added to the exhibition. The museum is open to the public. Further information and membership application forms are available at the Museum of Technology.
The museum is supported by an institutional sponsoring program of the Capital City of Magdeburg. Owing to the provision of financial assistance from the European Union through the European Social Fund and the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, employees from the so-called “second job market” are also able to take part in the museum's work. This integration is achieved by cooperation with the following institutions from Magdeburg: ARGE Magdeburg GmbH, GISE mbH and AQBmbH.